West Furniture, located in Ontario, Canada, has been producing meticulously crafted high quality, sustainable solid wood furniture in North America for over two decades.

The company remains family-owned and operated, serving over 200 furniture retailers worldwide. West Bros is also a member and “Silver Exemplary Status” award winner of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, the furniture industry’s leading coalition of manufacturers, retailers and consumers who promote sustainable practices. The company’s product line includes bedroom, dining room, workspace and occasional pieces for the residential and commercial markets.


The West Bros tradition has always been to bring each unique design into a solid 3-dimensional reality - consistently producing one of the highest quality products in the world. We believe that by educating consumers about distinct characteristics of solid hardwood, they will better appreciate and enjoy the unmistakable warmth and distinction that it brings to their décor.

West Bros finishes interiors with the same attention to detail as the exterior of each furniture piece. So it’s not surprising that you will always find a full finished bottom under all tabletops and leaves. We finish the inside of all drawers and backs of doors to provide added protection and durability.

Joinery is the method used to attach two wood pieces. Often a technique used to enhance appearance, joinery is also a sign of quality and a reflection of the strength of construction. Even in the age of computers and modern technology, no one has been able to improve on the methods of joinery — used for centuries for joining and assembling beautiful wood furniture. Cope and Stick, and Mortise and Tenon are two of the old world joinery methods used for centuries by fine cabinet makers and these same joints are used today in every West Bros product.

Mortise and tenon joinery is much like shaping a square peg to fit into a square-shaped slot. Both pieces of wood are meticulously machined to fit snugly into each other. Quality engineered adhesives used for bonding, as the wood draws the moisture out of the adhesive, it swells, and this helps lock it in place.

No stronger or longer-lasting procedure for building a drawer exists than the English dovetail. West Bros uses this superior centuries-old technique of secure drawer construction, as two pieces of wood are tightly joined at a corner by several interlacing pieces and reinforced with adhesive. English dovetails feature several horizontal dovetails that result in solid joints. It’s almost impossible for this joint to come apart, as the constant pulling of the drawer strengthens the joint.

Our solid wood doors are custom-made at our factory with a five-piece construction to safeguard against warping and twisting. This system utilizes a ‘floating panel’ construction technique in which each door made from 5 pieces that form the frame (including a centre panel). It means the door will be allowed to expand and contract with changes in climate without causing binding and swelling.